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Cake Shop Entreme

A long-established store and favorite of the locals

”Cake Shop Entreme” is a long-established cake shop many locals love. In the shop, shortcakes, cheesecakes, tarts, cream puffs, and freshly baked cakes of all kinds line up the showcases. Bakers in the shop work hard to develop new products while pointing out that their western sweets are equally popular as the Japanese sweets. They name Mizumanju as a popular dessert in the summertime. In Okinawa, December 8th is called the Day of Mochi, because of a custom of eating mochi (pounded rice cake) wrapped in leaves of shell ginger (gettou in Japanese, sannin in Okinawan), which has antioxidant and anti-bactericidal effects. The shop’s "Sannin's Poem" is their other famous product and has won the gold medal in the National Confectionery Exposition.

Store Name Cake Shop Entreme
Industry Confectionery manufacturing and sales
Address 595-12 Kuwae, Chatan-cho, 904-0103
Business Hours 9:30 – 20:00
Regular Holiday 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month (may change if national holiday)
Phone Number 098-936-5281

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