Okinawa Club August issues 『Depot Central Special』

This month, the Depot Island feature was featured in the town information "Okinawa Club". This is an introduction to recommended shops in the new area "Depot Central" on the newly opened Depot Island. The cover of the August issue also includes an introductory interview with Ryukyu Golden Kings top players Naoki Tashiro, Yuki Mitsuhara, and Nanner Daniel. Moreover, the shooting was done at "Seaside Steak Beefy's" on the 4th floor of Depot Seaside Building, and he enjoyed the gorgeous view and high quality steak.


The 8th floor "Depot Central" has a variety of restaurants from international cuisine to Okinawan cuisine, entertainment restaurants where you can enjoy magic & illusion, and nightlife spots with unique shops. On the 1st floor, there are shops of various genres such as shops specializing in resort wear, shoes, Ryukyu glass and accessories, and shops specializing in organic pastries and Ryukyu cosmetics. Don't miss this store, which was introduced in the August issue of Okinawa Club, has some wonderful benefits!

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