Okinawa Club July issue 『Depot Island Boardwalk Special』

"Depot Island Boardwalk Special" was published in the July issue of "Okinawa Club", a town information that is well known in the prefecture. Depot Island Boardwalk, a promenade area on the sea side of Depot Island, is a popular spot that is particularly popular on sunny days and weekends. There are parasols and benches everywhere, so you can enjoy the drinks and foods you have taken out where you want.


"Depot Island Boardwalk Special" introduces recommended cafes and restaurants along the boardwalk. The East China Sea, which spreads out in front of you, is the most beautiful of the year even in the summer, and it is also a recommended spot for enjoying the emerald blue sea and the setting sun. If you haven't visited the boardwalk yet, the sea breeze that blows in the open air is a pleasant experience, so if you haven't visited yet, please come and visit us.

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