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Japanese island flip-flop sandal specialty store OKICHU

Custom made ! The more you wear them, the better the original island flip-flops fit your feet.

Since the 1960s, Okinawans have loved the island flip-flop sandals as their everyday footwear. In Okinawa, when you speak about something unique to the local area, you often add an “island” to the expression, like in “shimasake (awamori)” or “shimauta (Okinawan folk song).” “Shima zouri (island flip-flops)” is also familiar as local casual footwear. From around the year 2000, custom made island flip-flops carved with names and favorite designs have become popular, and now it’s easy to order a pair that’s the one and only in the world.


OKICHU (沖忠) "Island Zouri" flip-flops are made and sold in over 200 color variations and with laser engraving. Thorough attention is paid to the materials and comfort. The sole comes in 20 and thongs 12 colors to choose from.

Store Name Japanese island flip-flop sandal specialty store OKICHU
Industry Manufacturing & Sales
Address Depot Island Bldg. 1F, 904-0115
Business Hours 10:00 – 20:00
Regular Holiday Open every day
Phone Number  098-926-1133
Web Site

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