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Double Decker Mihama

Look for the two-story red London bus!

”Double Decker Mihama” is a well-known cafe and bar in Chatan Town. The interior of the restaurant, which has a cool, British pub-like atmosphere, features seats by the counter where you can easily talk with the staff and table seats where you can enjoy your time with friends, You can also dine in the bright red landmark London bus. The long-ran and popular "Beef Stew Omelet Rice" has won the "C-1 Gourmet Battle" contest two consecutive times, and it’s a favorite alongside the juicy "Ishigaki Beef Stew Hamburger.” In the contest, restaurants from Chatan Town compete for the best food. The bar has a large selection of whiskey, scotch, and wines. Cocktails made with fancy fresh fruits are also popular.

Store Name Double Decker Mihama(DOUBLE DECKER)
Industry Café & Bar
Address Seaside Square 1F, 9-8 Mihama, Chatan Town, 904-0115
Business Hours 17:00 – 02:00
Regular Holiday Open every day
Phone Number 098-926-1991
Web Site

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